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Copenhagen Yoga Kula is a yoga cooperative dedicated to the health and wellness of our students.

We have a diverse background of education and experience amongst all of our teachers.  

We care about creating an experience for students to reconnect with themselves. 


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Signe is a social Anthropologist and Yoga instructor, born and raised in Denmark. Her curiosity on different cultures and dynamics between people has brought her around the world; either with a backpack on her back, living in Mexico or doing fieldwork among Kenyan farmers or Australian Indigenous peoples. Along the way, since 2013, yoga has been a big part of her journey - both in the world and in life. 

In 2019 Signe finished her Instructor Training and has since taught more than 500 classes. She also uses her background as an Anthropologist to help and support yoga studios to develop their businesses. Signe's teaching style is influenced by her strength, calmness and creativity. Her goal is to create a space where students can experience how yoga can be about connecting to yourself, getting stronger physically and mentally, exploring who you are and indeed a practice to find calmness in your life. 

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Mula Yoga was born from Meagan’s love of yoga and the outdoors. Meagan is a Colorado native, who trained at Yogalinda in Barcelona, where she completed her Instructor Training in 2015. She has since taught in Spain, the U.S., Belgium, and currently in Denmark, where she lives and studies Global Nutrition and Health. This degree will accompany her BSc in Psychology, which she received from MTSU in 2015.

Meagan's familiarity and personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and obesity have fueled her passion and drive for a career in health and wellness from a holistic perspective. You will find elements of her background in her classes, as well as fun, challenging, and playful movement. Whether you have never stepped foot on a mat or you can wrap your feet around your head (Beginner to Advanced, if we are being proper about it), you will feel more than comfortable in Meagan´s classes.

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Rachel is an upbeat, friendly yogi who finds joy in sharing the many benefits that yoga brings for the body and mind.

She began her yoga journey over 6 years ago, falling in love with the practice for the way it helped her get in shape, relieve anxiety and stress, and fuel her drive to live life to the fullest!
She obtained her yoga teacher training in Houston, TX, her first home.

Whether it’s a powerful flow class or a meditative yin class, Rachel cares about creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for every body.
She welcomes you to each class with a smile, always striving to leave you feeling a peaceful and powerful mind-body connection through purposeful breath and movement.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys the company of good friends. She loves to travel and actively experience new cultures, food, and outdoors!

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